Do you suffer from constant back pain?
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Learn How to Get Back Pain Relief in 7 Simple Steps
Are you having troubling moving without pain?

Unable to play sports, play with your children... or even simple tasks like brushing your teeth? 

Does any of this sound like you?
Active and health conscious or sitting in a chair all day
Tired of Pain 
Can't lift kids
Wants to know how to get rid of the pain
Want to avoid surgery
Out of condition
Doesn't stretch
Can't play sports or play golf
Frustrated - can't work out, play sports or have normal sex life

If only you weren't in pain you could do the things that make you happy, right?!

I help people with back pain get relief from pain and spasms so they can live life again without suffering from enduring pain...

And I can help YOU too!
  • Solve your back pain in minutes with my video course and action plan.

  • Step 1 Hydration - Probably the most important, do this properly and see the effects of pain relief
  • Step 2 THE ULTIMATE BACK STRETCH - I am a spine surgeon - I am going to show you exactly how to do this the correct way and get near instant pain relief within minutes.  

    But you have to do this the right way, and thats where people mess up. Even many therapists don't get this right. I will teach you how to properly stretch your body to achieve key relief in your back.
  • Step 3  Vitamins - I teach you what, and how it affects your back health.
  • Step 4 Food Choices - This is not about dieting, but about body health that can aid in your pain recovery
  • Step 5 Cleanse - Get clean on the inside and help your body heal.
  • Step 6 Sleep - Yes you need it, it is a must and I'll explain how this affects your spine health
  • Step 7 Psychology - Get your head straight for pain relief
  • ... Plus Action Plans for each step!
  • Understand that I have put together a plan that targets back pain, the key steps you implement should have direct impact on your pain relief.

    This is the same program I give to my spine surgery patients to help them maintain thier back and neck health post surgery.

Timeline when you take action with my ULTIMATE BACK STRETCH

Immediately after stretch, it is possible to experience an INCREASE in:

Ability to put shoes on
Walking endurance
Sitting endurance
Ability to lift kids
Ability to sleep comfortably
Ability to exercise
Drive more comfortably
Ability to play sports / golf
Ability to go to gym
Ability to enjoy going out / be social
Sex endurance

1 hour to 1 Day  it is possible to experience a DECREASE in:
Back Pain
Muscle spasm
Fatigue from chronic pain
Reliance on pain pills
Weight gain

Disabling back pain is something that will affect 80-85% of the population at some point in their lives and fortunately, it will resolve by itself 90% of the time. If you are reading this, you are probably in the 10% group where pain persists.
I have over 100+ videos on YouTube related to my surgical practice plus patient testimonials.

I know back pain and I know how to treat it!

If you want pain relief and/or want to avoid the operating table - GET THIS VIDEO COURSE PROGRAM NOW!

There is one video per lesson and they focus on taking fast action so you can get fast back pain relief!
Back Pain Relief in 7 Steps
The Program Comes With 
My Personal Guarantee
If my program does not help you with your back pain, I will personally review your MRI or Xrays( you must provide) to help diagnose what exactly is causing your back pain and what you can do to resolve it. My contact information is available in the member area. 
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